How to choose the best dentist for you and your family

best dentists in palo alto

“Who are the best dentists in Palo Alto?” This is a question that will frequently come to your mind when searching for dental services in Palo Alto. 

Indeed, not any best dentist will do when it comes to you and your loved one’s dental health. And, while the term “best” can be subjective, there are several factors you should consider when searching for a family dentist.  

Well, use the tips outlined in this post, along with your own judgment, to find your family’s next oral care provider.  

Experience and technology

The adage “experience is everything” is true when choosing a dentist you can trust with your family’s dental health. When you find a Palo Alto dental office you are interested in, it’s good to visit their website to find out more about the dentist’s experience and educational background.

The best dentist will have years of experience providing his/her patients with first-rate dental care using the latest in planning, diagnostic, treatment, and technology. At Cambridge Dental Studio,  our state-of-the-art technology, combined with friendly, compassionate staff and comfortable, spa-like environment gives you a patient experience that is unparalleled in Palo Alto.      

Location and opening hours

Location: another important factor to consider when assessing whether a dentist is right for you and your family. Opting for a dentist who is near your residence, work premises, or child’s school makes it easier to honor appointments.  

Considered the dentist’s operating hours, as well? The best dentist should offer flexible and convenient timings to meet your busy demands. Besides being available for emergencies, make sure they are open on weekends, early mornings, afternoons, as well as late afternoons. 

Do they provide comprehensive dental services?

Want a dentist who can only provide the best routine cleanings, cavity fillings, and general dental checkups in Palo Alto? That wouldn’t be bad, but it’s advisable to select a dentist who can do little more than that. 

Go for a dentist that provides a range of dental services that you and your family will ever require. Do you intend to get high-quality dental implants in Palo Alto? What about teeth whitening and pediatric dentistry services? Your preferred dentist should be able to offer that and much more! 

Learn all about the wide-range of dental services, latest in dental technologies that ensure a comfortable and precise treatment, and the amazing prices on Invisalign and teeth whitening that we offer at Cambridge Dental Studio.

Cost and insurance 

Some dental procedures are quite expensive. Just Google “cost of Invisalign in Palo Alto,” and you will realize what we are talking about. Not everybody is comfortable paying thousands of dollars for a single dental operation. 

That said; you definitely don’t want to choose a dentist just because they are inexpensive. You want to choose a dentist that is upfront about his/her dental fees. Most importantly, you want to pick a dentist who will provide you with reasonable dental payment plans. 

Additionally, if you are lucky enough to have dental insurance cover, make sure your preferred dentist accepts your policy. How he/she handles deductibles and co-pays are valid questions to ask upfront too.  

Office culture and atmosphere 

Take time to weigh up the atmosphere and culture of your preferred dental office. In short, before you opt for a particular Palo Alto dentist, you should visit his/her office to see how it actually looks. Is the office clean? How comfortable is the waiting area? Are the employees friendly and welcoming?

If the whole family feels safe and welcome in the office, dental visits will be less worrying and stressful for everyone. Notably, you will help eradicate your kids’ fear of the dentist – introducing them to a lifelong commitment to oral hygiene.   

Check reviews and testimonials online.  

Check reviews and testimonials for different dental offices to see what past clients had to say about their services. If you see many positive reviews about a particular dentist, he/she will likely offer you the attention and care you deserve.

There are various places where you can check for these reviews: Yelp, Google+, Facebook, HealthGrades, Zocdoc, just to mention a few. While reading through tons of reviews might appear quite boring, spending the time now will minimize unnecessary hassles in the future.   

Ask about teledentistry capabilities.

Dentists nowadays can diagnose and treat dental patients virtually through electronic information and communication technologies such as video conference calls, emails, and phone calls. 

Note: Teledentistry doesn’t replace in-person visits; however, for you and your family, it means reduced trips to the dental clinic. Being the busy person you are, you can always make routine dental follow-ups from the comfort of your home or office. 

The takeaway 

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a dentist in Palo Alto. The good news is that you and your family’s dental issues will be a thing of the past once you find an experienced and compassionate dentist. 

All the best as you make that crucial decision!

Disclaimer: We routinely draw upon public health resources to inform our write-ups. Information in this article may be drawn up from multiple public health sources, including:

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