Dental Implants in Palo Alto

If missing or broken teeth are affecting the quality of life and your self-confidence, talk to our dentists in Palo Alto about dental implants. Our dentists offer state-of-the-art dental implants in Palo Alto that offer a secure, stable, and long-term solution to missing teeth. Dental implants are an excellent option even for those who currently rely on removable solutions, such as dentures, but are exploring a long-term, low-maintenance solution to missing teeth.

In the past 40 years, dental implants have become a popular and effective solution for missing teeth and provide an excellent long-term restorative solution that restores not just a beautiful smile but full-functionality as well.  Our dental team that includes periodontists and general dentists has more than 10 years of combined experience and an excellent success rate in performing dental implants in Palo Alto.

While most patients with one or missing teeth are excellent candidates for dental implants, during your initial consultation, your periodontist/oral surgeon will perform a medical evaluation to determine if you are a suitable candidate for implants. Schedule an appointment with our team so we may ensure you meet all the requirements for a successful dental implant procedure. Call our office at (650) 382-3068 today!


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to replace missing teeth and look and feel like your natural teeth. Dental implants are made up of titanium or other materials safe for the human body. Implants are first anchored to your jawbone. Later, dental prosthesis, such as crowns or bridges are placed on top of these anchors to provide a natural looking and secure replacement teeth that do not shift or slip in your mouth. Schedule an appointment to talk to your dentist to see if implants are the right solution for you.

Are Dental Implants for Everyone?

While most patients who come to us for consultation are good candidates for dental implants, we look for certain conditions to qualify our patients. First, an implant patient must be in good health and cleared by their physicians for surgery. Second, they must have adequate jawbone to support the implant or should be able to have surgery to build the jawbone. Third, implants may not be recommended for patients with certain illnesses, such as diabetes and leukemia. Come in and talk with our dentist to see if you qualify for dental implants. 

Are Implants Better Than Dentures? 

Tooth loss is pretty common in the adult population, especially as we age. While dentures provide a less expensive solution to missing teeth, they usually require more maintenance and do not provide the permanence of implants. If dentures are not adhered properly, they shift or slip around or worse, may come loose. Implants, in contrast, provide a secure fit that makes artificial teeth feel more natural and more comfortable. Come in to discuss the right option for you and experience how our dental implants can change your life!

What Can I Expect During an Impant?

The first step of a dental implant involves a periodontist who will perform a surgery to place the titanium anchor in your jawbone. Your dentist will prescribe painkillers and/or food recommendations to help with the healing process. Next, we will wait for the healing to be complete, which may take up to a few months to be completed. This process is known as osseointegration where the jawbone grows around the anchor and the implants is completely integrated into the bone. The final phase is when your implant dentist will attach the prosthesis (custom made tooth, bridges, or dentures) to the implant post.

What Are The Different Types of Implants? 

If you are missing a single tooth, your dentist will perform a single-tooth implant procedure where an implant post replaces your missing tooth’s roots. A crown is then attached to the implant post. A single-tooth implant is a stand-alone unit. In contrast, if you are missing several teeth or all your teeth, your dentist may recommend implant-supported dental bridges or dentures. If you are missing some teeth, an implant will replace your natural teeth and some of your missing tooth’s roots. Unlike traditional bridges, implant supported bridges do not need to reply on adjacent teeth for support.  If you are missing all your teeth, implant supported dentures may be your best solution. Implant-supported dentures are more comfortable and longer lasting than traditional dentures. 

What Else Should I Be Aware Of?

The duration of your implant procedure can range from a single visit to multiple visits over several months. Schedule your implant dental appointment with us to get clear answers and a customized plan of treatment! After your dental implants are in place, your dentist will recommend an at-home dental care routine, which may involved brushing twice-a-day and flossing once-a-day to maintain your implant and natural teeth. We also recommend regular dental visits to keep your dental health in optimal condition. 

Even though implants require careful evaluation, may take longer, and may cost more than other restorative options, they can last an entire lifetime and provide a radiant new smile and a fully functioning and comfortable set of teeth.

  • Dr Yen is a great dental care provider. I have recommended him to people at work. His advice is conservative, honest which is hard to find in dentists around this area. He is generally happy and cordial with all his patients. 10/10 would recommend.

    Meryl H
  • Alex Yen is an awesome dentist!! I've been going to him for a few years now and every time it's been a great experience. The staff is very friendly and the dental assistants always do a great job. I got a teeth whitening procedure done which isn't the most comfortable thing to have done, but it went by super fast and was done well. Dr. Yen always explains what he sees on X-rays or with your teeth so it's easy to understand. He also encourages and teaches best practices so you keep your mouth clean in between visits. Definitely recommend!

    Jamie B.
  • Alex Yen is a fantastic dentist. I initially only went to him for a cleaning, but he noticed some white spots and stains on my front teeth that had bothered me for years and offered a few options for how to fix them. I went back recently to have that done, and he did an awesome job. My teeth look perfect, the process was quick (took ~45 minutes), and I no longer feel self-conscious about how those teeth look. Dr. Yen is confident and professional and explains clearly what he is doing. His services are very affordable. I'm a Stanford grad student on Cardinal care. My cleaning was free, and 3 sealants plus the cosmetic procedure were only $150, even with minimal coverage from my dental insurance. The front desk is helpful and friendly, and they respond promptly to questions about scheduling, cost estimates, etc.

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