The phrase “root canal” can spark anxiety in people’s minds. Nonetheless, root canals can be exceedingly helpful in saving your teeth if they get infected. This pain-free treatment is recommended in several dental situations. 

Some of these situations include:

  • Decayed teeth 
  • Infection of the pulp
  • Loss of tooth nerve
  • Tooth fractures or trauma
  • Red or swollen gums around a tooth
  • Teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Chewing pain when biting down

Root canal treatment at a glance

A root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) entails cleaning out the decay and saving the infected tooth. During a root canal procedure, your Palo Alto dentist will: 

  • Assess the degree of damage to your teeth  
  • Take an X-ray to analyze the infected area further
  • Use local anesthesia to numb the section around the infected tooth so they can commence with the procedure.
  • Get rid of the decayed tissues and disinfect the tooth properly
  • Perform the tooth restoration procedure. This can be done on the same day or scheduled for a later day. It depends on the complexity of the infection or the location of the tooth. 

Why you should consider root canal treatment

There are 5 more compelling reasons to consider a root canal: 

  1. Prevent infection of surrounding teeth

When your pulp or tooth’s nerve tissue gets damaged, it breaks down, allowing the upsurge of bacteria in the pulp chamber. Usually, this may cause gum infections, bones loss, and swelling. It could also cause a dental abscess, spreading the infection past the ends of the tooth roots. A root canal treatment is required to take out the infected pulp that houses the bacteria, thus preventing the spread of the bacteria. 

  1. Prevent tooth loss

There are several ways of treating a decayed tooth. Some people prefer tooth extraction to get rid of the tooth in question. Usually, this provides a permanent remedy in dealing with cavities or further toothaches. 

However, at Cambridge Dental Studio, we also lean toward protecting and preserving your natural tooth over extracting, whenever possible. Tooth extraction leaves gaps between teeth, which requires cosmetic or restorative procedures, such as implants or bridges to close the gap. With root canal treatment, patients don’t have to be concerned about losing their teeth or requiring another procedure. After the procedure, your tooth will be restored and will function like any normal teeth.   

  1. Prevent jawbone degeneration  

Unlike tooth extraction, a root canal treatment preserves the infected tooth. When you have missing teeth for an extended period, your jawbone begins to degenerate, causing premature sunken or aging appearance. Root canals, thus, help preserve your jawbone structure by preserving your natural teeth.   

  1. Improve teeth aesthetics 

Root canal entails removing the infected tooth pulp. The area is then cleaned and restored with a dental filling or a crown that restores your natural smile!  

  1. Improve oral and overall health 

Severe tooth decay has a significant impact on a person’s oral and overall health. People with poor dental health are likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal infections, respiratory infections, and many other complications.  Treating tooth decay through a root canal can help boost your oral health, which in turn improves your overall health

What to expect after a root canal procedure

For the first few days following a root canal procedure, your tooth may feel a little sensitive. You might also experience mild inflammation. If that is the case, your dentist may prescribe some pain medication to help ease the discomfort. 

While you can resume normal activities after a root canal procedure, it is best to avoid sticky, chewy, hard, and crunchy foods to ensure proper healing.  

Do you need a root canal procedure in Palo Alto?

There is plenty of misconception surrounding the benefits of root canal treatment. However, most Palo Alto dentists will agree that getting a root canal procedure is the ideal option for saving a severely infected tooth. So, how do you know you need a root canal done?  The only way to tell is by visiting a dentist in Palo Alto and getting evaluated. Don’t put your oral and overall health at risk. Schedule an appointment soon.

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