Cambridge Dental Studio Now Accepts Beam Dental & Level to Reflect New & Improved Insurance Models and Expanded Patient Benefits

At Cambridge Dental Studio, we have one mission: to provide you with the best dental care in Palo Alto, CA that is also affordable. Our practice promises a conservative approach, so you are never oversold; high-tech care for faster, more precise, and comfortable experience; and a customer-first experience so you feel taken care of in every way possible. 

Our highly skilled dentists have got your back on both health & budgetary fronts.  And that’s why we have expanded our insurance coverage to include two new dental insurances in Palo Alto: Beam Dental & Level.

Let’s explore these two dental insurances in greater detail and how they benefit our patients.

How Beam Dental works: Smart Perks, Smart Tech, Smart Premiums

Beam Dental offers an innovative and unique insurance model tied to its customer-first approach. Unlike the traditional dental plans that are based on a fixed premium model that charges customers ex-post for services delivered based on coverage, Beam Dental offers its patients a flexible premium plan based on how effectively they maintain their dental regimen! This translates into more affordable plans for its customers if they are proactive about preventative dental care.

Beam Dental provides “Digital-First, Preventive-focused Dental Insurance.” What this means is that all qualified members receive Beam Perks: a Beam® brush – a sonic powered, smart, electric toothbrush, Beam replacement heads, Beam toothpaste, Beam floss, and a mobile app that provides coaching for dental hygiene and tracks user engagement. The company helps consumers lower their premiums the more they are proactive about their dental health, particularly, the better they brush.

Automatic shipments of replacement toothpaste and floss are sent to members quarterly. Beam members also enjoy great dental coverage with preventive procedures covered at 100% and access to top dentists across the country, including Cambridge Dental Studio, that is now accepting Beam Dental in Palo Alto, CA.

How Level Works: A New Approach to Benefits

For patients, Level provides a simple and smart tech platform that makes finding dentists, comparing costs of procedures (taking into account the member’s current benefits spend), and paying for dental procedures a breeze. A self-funded employee program, the company operates and manages its own network of providers, in addition to providing claims processing and other administrative functions to employers. 

What makes Level so attractive is the speed with which it handles claims and processes them (all digitally), allowing patients to pay for dental procedures with the help of their Level digital card right after the procedure, instead of waiting weeks or months to receive a detailed statement from their insurance companies and then settling their out-of-pocket expenses. 

The self-funded model works well for businesses and patients alike as one-third of working adults in America don’t see a dentist every year and many employers never reach their annual benefits limits. Level, thus, helps pass on these saved benefits to employers and a more personalized and user-friendly experience to patients. 

Insurance Plans That We Accept

If you are a Beam Dental or Level member, we want to welcome you to our practice!

At Cambridge Dental Studio, we accept most major insurances, including but not limited to Delta Dental (Cardinal Care), MetLife, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Humana, First Dental Health, Premier Access, and United Concordia, in addition to Beam Dental and Level Insurance.

Don’t have dental insurance or need a procedure not covered by insurance? We also offer simple convenient payment plans for most treatments without having to go through the hassle of credit checks.

We also routinely work with insurance companies so you can get the most out of your plan. If you’re a Stanford student, talk to us to see how we can help finance your dental procedures and minimize your out-of-pocket expense!